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    Industrial Cyber Security Solution Introduced by Kaspersky It was announced by Kaspersky Lab that they will be introducing an Industrial cyber security solution that will provide specialized security for industrial facilities and infrastructure. Kaspersky’s Industrial Cyber Security Solution will look to protect the technological processes inside an industry from all kinds of cyber-attacks. The spokesperson of Kaspersky Labs stated that since latest threats can now potentially enter the physical realm from the virtual one so, they pose a serious threat not just for industries and businesses but also for nature and humanity. This latest security solution of Kaspersky Labs is designed specifically for industrial facilities like refineries, nuclear power plants as well as assembly lines. Since these facilities require continuity without any flaw as well as consistency in the technological process, so Kaspersky’s Industrial Cyber-Security Solution looks to provide exactly that. In addition to providing cyber-security, this solution can also ensure that the industrial facilities comply with all the regulations that have been put in place to protect the critical systems. This solution from Kaspersky Labs looks to combine the conventional security features like whitelisting, anti-malware and vulnerability assessment with technologies specifically designed to secure the industrial environments. The solution also has an Observability Mode which has been specifically designed to the detect the faults of operation personnel as well as anomalies and cyber-attacks that may occur inside of the network. Eugene Kaspersky, the CEO of Kaspersky labs stated: "Today, the cybersecurity of industrial systems and critical infrastructures is of vital importance. An increasing number of such systems are using devices and channels that interact with the outside world. Sometimes they use equipment that was never intended for external access, not to mention software that was created decades ago and has not been upgraded since! This is a very serious issue because not only is the continuity of the production process at stake; the environment and even human lives can be at risk. Our solution is capable of ensuring the cybersecurity of the technology cycle at all levels of automated process control. We are also actively cooperating with manufacturers of automation systems in order to develop equipment that takes new cybersecurity standards and requirements into consideration".

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