IBM Security QRadar has been named the best Security Information and Even Management Solution (Solution) for the Year 2015 by the SANS Institute. Over two hundred thousand security practitioners, who use commercial products are surveyed each year by the SANS institute and then SIEM presents the “Best of the Year” award to the best product based on that survey. SANS Honors the Top Products Every Year An official of the SANS Institute wrote that like each year they surveyed the SANS community to determine the product and services that increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the cybersecurity programs. Based on that information they gave out the “Best of the Year” award. He added that in the year 2015, security managers, operators and professionals from all over the world voted for the best product and service. All of them were actual users of the product. What makes SANS best of the year award unique is that they are driven by actual users of the product as opposed to the vendors. IBM’s QRadar provides SIEM solution and its top features include, the capacity to discover attacks in real-time with the help of best practices as well as behavioral analysis. It can monitor and secure cloud services, including cloud-based deployments. Along with its ability to be deployed quickly with very little intervention, it can also help maintain compliance with internal and external regulations. In addition to this, it can also be integrated with a 3rd party security solutions to produce a single pane of glass for every alert, security event and workflow. With IBM’s QRadar you can have a powerful partner network as well as an ecosystem that provides support and offers advanced security skills. What Makes QRadar Stand Out QRadar stands out because of its team that focuses on all the requirements of the user and uncompromisingly drives innovations so that they can provide real value against them. For instance, if you take the example of IBM Security App Exchange, it has over 30 apps and extensions available now. It covers different areas of security operations workflow, visualization, compliance and monitoring. QRadar has also expanded the options of deployment to include new cloud and managed security services providers as well as software as a service offering, while improving support for on-site security systems simultaneously. QRadar is always looking for new innovations to transform the security operations of the customers with features such as inclusion of a single architecture to analyze log, user and asset data, flow, vulnerability as well as real-time and historical correlation of security data and behavioral anomaly detection to identify high-risk threats. Other prominent features of QRadar are high-priority incident detection amongst billions of daily incoming data points, full visibility into the cloud, network, application and user activities as well as compliance data collection and reporting that uses automation to lessen the regulatory burdens. As the security environment gets tougher and threats gets more and more severe, there are less available skills and a lot of point security solutions. This recognition from SANS shows that there are Software Integration and Management solutions that have an ability to balance advanced technologies with positive user experience, and QRadar is 1 of them.

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TriSol is aggressively focused on staying at the pinnacle of the cross-brand system integration industry, and is undoubtedly a leading player in IT Security and Operations Solutions implementation & inegration in the region. Our strength lies in its capability to execute large and complex IT Security / Operations projects and is completely geared up to provide the relevant turnkey solutions from start to finish with flair.

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